2011–Cotton Prices to rise

Posted by Karen on Dec 20, 2010 in Blog | 262 comments

The following is a quick summary of some of the circumstances presently existing in Asia which will result in, at this point in time, unknown price increases in particular with apparel, headwear and basically anything fabricated with cotton.

1 Poor weather has caused havoc with cotton, in many cases wiping out entire crops inĀ  the countries that are the major cotton producers, China, India and Pakistan.

2 Demand from developing countries is outstripping supply for cotton as well as for other raw materials not only increasing prices but delaying delivery of products.

As your Promotional Products Distributor we will make every effort to keep to a minimum the effect these increases will have on your prices.

Your business is very important to us and as we have in the past we will personally work with you to source products that will fit within your budgets.

As indicated, the links below give more in depth details on this situation.

Although these articles are from US based newspapers, The Wall Street Journal and the NY Times, the impact will be felt across North America:



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